Conscious Coaching

Coaching your people through ambiguity, complexity, and constant change


Conscious Coaching rehabilitates and reintroduces coaching as both an advanced form of communication and as a way of thinking and behaving in everyday work life. 

Coaching at work does not require that we learn a new skill set, it requires that we make the choice to put into practice what we already know.

This programme is a completely new and powerful take on coaching that releases it from out-dated ideas and reveals how it can be used every day to take people and organisations to new levels of communication and collaboration. 

Coaching provokes critical thinking about our own thinking and the thinking of others and it can be used in many different ways and in many different circumstances including, but not limited to, one-on-one performance dialogues. 

Ultimately coaching is about collaboration; being open to different ideas and new perspectives and putting into practice communication skills that we already have but don't necessarily use at work. 



Key Program Features

Conscious Coaching equips and empowers you to…

  • Use human skills you already have like active listening, asking questions and being fully present and interested in what other people think 
  • Seek to understand and appreciate different perspectives, irrespective of whether or not you agree or share their opinion
  • Provoke critical thinking about your own thinking and help others do the same
  • Appreciate diversity and inclusion as foundational to collaboration and innovation
  • Bust through silo thinking and working
  • Identify and nurture untapped potential and opportunities in yourself, in others and in teams



Framework and Timeline

A coach-facilitated, learning journey that is user-friendly and creates minimal disruption to busy working lives, while producing results that have a real and lasting impact. 

Conscious Coaching is delivered over 4-8 weeks incliding 1 x 60 min virtual kick-off + recorded self learning (flip learning) + 2 days F2F + 1 x 120 min virtual follow-up



The Next Steps

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