Coaching Skills for Managers

Enhance your managerial skills to enhance your productivity


We know that individuals are greatly impacted in the workplace by their managers – managers can enhance engagement, loyalty, retention and job satisfaction, all of which enhance productivity. A good manager can create a great team – and a poor manager can destroy a good team. This programme brings together the skills of coaching to support managers in being the type of leader that engages and enhances the lives and productivity of teams and individuals. The type of leader known to listen, to respond and to support their team. The type of leader that gets such great results, inspire other leaders to step up and do better!

This programme is a mixture of personal and professional development that invites managers to design the type of leader they want to be and then teaches, challenges and supports them in stepping into that vision.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

  • Recognising and working with potential in others
  • Understanding how coaching fits in with other situational leadership approaches
  • Understanding the business impact of listening, challenging and supporting – and building the skills to do this effectively
  • Competent use of the GROW model and the core coaching skills that build effective communication for managers
  • Being the role model that makes the biggest difference

Key learning outcomes

Participants, through activities, practice and feedback will learn the key competencies of coaching and how and when to bring them to life in their management approach.


4 days

Additional information specific to this program

Participants will be expected to set their own personal development goals for this programme and self-certify accomplishment before being signed off as successfully completed.

Materials for this program

A room that can comfortably accommodate up to 15 participants, several flipcharts, markers, a projection device, and space for break-out sessions.