Coaching in the Workplace

Coach your people to become motivated, focused and effective.

The Magic of Coaching in the Workplace

Extraordinary times call for a new kind of leader, one who is self-aware and can guide, motivate, and inspire their teams with open and clear consistent communication. Due to the complexity of work, its fast-pace, and competing priorities, leaders often find themselves falling back into an outdated leadership approach: telling rather than asking.

Fixing problems instead of supporting others to find their own solutions traps leaders in a cycle of inefficiency and stagnation, with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Leaders can break free of this cycle through coaching.

All levels of leadership – executives, managers, supervisors - can benefit from discovering their coach-like leadership style.

At TNM Coaching we specialize in helping people – individually and in groups - to succeed by coaching them to stay motivated, focused, and effective. During coaching we offer tools and skills to ensure that people continue growing as individuals, personally and professionally.

People who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, to experience enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and to have increased confidence in their ability to achieve their goals and excel in their chosen roles in work and life. This is the magic of coaching!

During the Coaching process you can expect to:

  • Increase your awareness about yourself and your leadership skills
  • Enhance specific areas of your leadership
  • Receive unbiased and honest feedback
  • Recognise opportunities and be encouraged to try out new things
  • Grow your skills and competences
  • Realize your full potential

Through coaching you will also:

  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Enrich your leadership style
  • Increase your personal productivity
  • Boost your confidence
  • Intensify your personal motivation
  • Experience more satisfaction at work
  • Create extraordinary results
  • Feel accelerated progress

At TNM Coaching we offer the following corporate coaching services:

Leadership Coaching

What are the success strategies of your leadership team? We coach your leaders to identify the most effective strategies, core competencies, and techniques for success. How leaders can use a coaching mindset and coaching skills to bring out the best in their employees. Leading is a meld of direction-setting, cheerleading, setting boundaries, and creating structure. Coaching provides tools for understanding and tapping intrinsic motivation, directing through questioning, and allowing people to take responsibility for their own performance.

Benefits to Leaders: Decrease procrastination, build superior interpersonal skills, grow leadership abilities, learn how to coach others effectively, overcome anger, master time, deal effectively with change and transitions.

Executive Coaching

Our experienced coaches work one-on-one with people who are at the top of their organizations. This service offers executives an objective, outside partner to help them manage the unique challenges of leadership and achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their companies.

Benefits to Executives: Enhance effectiveness to increase profits, improve leadership skills for team building, increase awareness of self and others, expand choices for more effective decisions, capitalize on strengths.

Performance Coaching

Middle and senior managers work with our coaches to increase productivity and improve communications. In the process, they learn valuable coaching skills to use with their own staffs. Performance coaching is designed to help competent, promising professionals achieve their full potential to help the company succeed.

Benefits to managers: Improve performance and productivity, supplement formal staff training and development, reduce learning time, enrich working relationships, improve use of people, skills, and resources, ensure faster emergency response, develop greater flexibility and adaptability.

Team Coaching

When teams replace hierarchy, our coaches help make the new "flat" organization work in your company. We coach high impact teams to take appropriate leadership, communicate effectively, build on every member's strengths, and work well together to increase productivity.

Benefits to Team: Greater level of commitment, motivation, productivity, success and fulfilment.

Career Coaching

Leaders can attain career goals, grow and develop in their present job or career. We coach people to discover passions, skills and talents, taking steps and making commitments to achieve what they have always wanted in their professional life.

Benefits to coachee: Clarity in what fulfilling and meaningful career looks like, strategies of growing networks to support your career, defining value proposition, personal brand and career strategy.

Delivery Methodology

Coaching meetings are held either in person or virtually. Usually it is combination of some of the following delivery methods:

  • Individual In-Person Coaching
  • Individual Virtual Coaching (by telephone)
  • Individual E-Coaching (by email)
  • Individual Digital Coaching (by WhatsApp)
  • Group In-Person Coaching
  • Virtual Group Coaching (by video conference)
  • Group Digital coaching (by social networks)

Why Coaching Works

TNM Coaching has been trained to work with clients on over 200 different types of goals, problems, and situations. Our professional coaches have an exceptional depth and breadth of training, skills, knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. They have certification levels on ACC, PCC or MCC levels by ICF International Coach Federation.

Our coaches bring an objective point of view, excellent listening and analysis to redirect or reinforce individual expectations and initiatives. In-depth discussions lead to plans for action, often including coaching prior to and following critical meetings or presentations. Coaching creates fundamental, sustainable change in effectiveness, develops enormous individual potential while retaining valuable talents and knowledge within the organization.

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