Certified Internal Coach Program

ICF Approved


This programme delivers huge value to managers, their teams and the organisation. Over a period of six months they will learn to coach well, integrate those skills into their “day job” and become a more effective, engaging and inspirational leader. Participants will learn how to recognise opportunities for development in others and develop the skills to bring that potential forward quickly, efficiently and dynamically. Following this programme we see engagement rising, retention improving, loyalty scores being enhanced and productivity rising as a result.

This programme is readily adjusted to fit your business needs, goals and existing leadership programmes.

Key competences skills addressed and learned in this program

  • Understanding how to recognise growth opportunities in others
  • Key coaching skills to develop and maximise potential in others
  • Knowing when to coach and when not to coach
  • Having the skills to challenge deeply, effectively and supportively
  • Shifting one’s own leadership style to become an inspirational force for change
  • Setting powerful, motivational goals for individuals and teams
  • How to engage teams in goals set by the company so that they embrace the goal and create energy and ownership in the goal achievement process

Key learning outcomes

There is also a strong personal development element to this programme resulting in participants becoming the change they wish to see in the organisation.


6 days (2 x 3 day Face-to-Face workshops) plus distance learning.

Additional information specific to this program

This programme has been run in various companies and honed over the years to produce engaged, engaging leaders who take responsibility for their own personal development as well as having the skills to support their team with theirs.

This programme holds International Coach Federation approval for 60 hours, sufficient for participants to apply for the Associate Certified Coach designation.

Materials for this program

A room that can comfortably accommodate up to 18 participants, several flipcharts, markers, a projection device, and space for break-out sessions.