Capitalizing on the Downturn

For moving from crisis to opportunity


This program is targeted at executives, senior managers (or any team leader that has the opportunity to create an autonomous team) facing tighter budgets, falling sales and overall difficult economic conditions. Utilising the downturn as an opportunity to restructure teams in a way that releases creativity, self motivates team members and increases productivity. The format utilises case-studies of companies creating sustainable competitive advantage through an unorthodox management innovation dubbed the “new school” management structure or “lattice framework” (as opposed to the traditional top-down management hierarchy). Traditionally such radical questioning of limiting structures and existing beliefs that block creativity are only possible in times of crisis.

Key competencies/skills addressed

The workshop is not a skills based workshop per se, but rather a multimedia showcase of companies such as Semco, Google, Toyota and Gore that continually outperform their competition through management innovation. After each case study, participants are guided in an open discussion of key principles and how they may be selectively applied at your organization. Many of these principles may challenge deeply held beliefs that may reduce the ability to respond in harsh economic times. Participants have the opportunity to apply their expertise and skills in their area to adapt their learnings to brainstorm in teams and then create a practical action plan.

Key learning outcomes

  • Principles behind how to create a lattice framework management structure.
  • Unorthodox management innovations used by several of the most profitable companies in the world.
  • How to increase productivity whilst reducing costs.
  • Creating a structure that unblocks creativity in the team.
  • How to get front line employees to effectively innovate.
  • Structures that are proven to eliminate the need to continually handhold team members.
  • Utilising peer review and peer assessment - reducing the need for management discipline.
  • How to create self engaged and self-motivated workers.
  • Ideas on replacing annual bonuses with profit sharing.
  • Analysis and understanding of the gains and losses from greater transparency.
  • How to create thinking time and corresponding improved innovation without losing disciplined focus.

Duration options

1 day discovery workshop
2 day High Impact with optional 2 months of one-on-one executive coaching by facilitator. 2 scheduled sessions per month plus 2 optional impromptu “on 24 hour call” sessions per month.

Additional information

Multimedia capable room with projector and speakers. 2 flip charts. Break out area.