Assertiveness - A life Skill!

Release the innovative potential of people and organizations.


Being assertive is one of the most important skills a high performer can have. Assertiveness is crucial when delegating, chairing, negotiating, motivating, selling, leading, managing conflict, disagreeing and creating win-win solutions. Being assertive means getting one's needs, wants and goals met, while respecting the rights of others and maintaining high quality relationships.

The Assertiveness A Life Skill Training Program is an in-house coaching and training experience; an interactive and dynamic development opportunity aimed at team members and leaders who need to communicate and mediate in conflict situations; also at high performers who lead with potentially difficult or challenging relations at work and under pressure.

This course concentrates on building up true assertiveness and effective ways of dealing with conflict, challenging personalities and situations in the workplace. Regardless of the position the participant holds, he/she will be able to communicate and get the point across in a firm, concise and empowering manner. At the same time participants will learn how to foster and maintain outstanding long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

This workshop is relevant to any person in the organization who wants to be successful in dealing with conflict/difficult situations and challenging personalities; leaders/team members who wish to accomplish outstanding results by being more assertive in today's corporate world.

Key competencies addressed and learned in this program

  • Coaching skills and powerful conversations
  • Positive communication skills (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Self-confidence
  • Develop key conflict resolution techniques
  • Delegation skills
  • Principle negotiation skills
  • Getting to “yes” and increasing buy-in / reduce resistance
  • Empowering leadership behaviours
  • Understanding and mastering the game of personal power vs. positional power
  • Ability to deal effectively with difficult people and challenging situations

Key learning outcomes

This training experience helps ease communication among team members at any given organizational level regardless of the level of complexity and difficulty of the issue, personalities and circumstances.

  • Understand the fundamentals of assertiveness as a life skill and conflict resolution management.
  • Effective ways of coping with authority, communicating and achieving results.
  • Mediate effectively among team members to accomplish better ways of working together.
  • Understanding the most common barriers to communication and challenges in the corporate world and develop effective strategies to deal with them.
  • Effective conflict resolution techniques and dissolution of barriers at work.
  • Assertive behaviour and communication skills (questioning, listening, verbal and non-verbal communication and assertive behaviour).
  • Learn how to handle challenging and/or difficult personalities in order to reduce tension, stress and elicit the accomplishment of goals among team members.
  • Development of high performers that get their business and personal needs met and get outstanding results.
  • Saving company resources (time and financial resources), by dealing with conflict effectively in early stages.


1 day

Additional information specific to this program

  • The recommended number of participants: 8 to 14
  • Facility: a spacious suitable room, flipcharts, pens, paper, projector/beamer.
  • Participants will be briefed to enroll in this course (welcome assessment kit) previous to the course and trainer/coach should be ready to re-create scenarios/role play/act out, use some improv-skills, use humour (since this can be an intense topic workshop), use solid coaching skills and goal setting methods to facilitate this program.

Course includes: course material/handouts or electronic version of the material to avoid use of hard copy.