Alpha Brain – Upgrade for Brain Workers!

Highly focused, relaxed state of mind


"Brain workers" or "Knowledge workers" spend almost 100% of their time processing information, making decisions (sometime under pressure), reading, listening, connected to all sorts of information resources. They are required to have a high ability for knowledge retrieval, decision making, calibrating risks, trouble-solving and estimate probability. They are required to create and innovate. All this happens in the brain.

The Industrial Revolution was the cradle of a lot of past systems that have dramatically changed in the internet era. This new corporate environment requires "knowledge workers", who also claim autonomy, freedom and easy connectivity to be present even on virtual settings.

On this training module we learn how to immediately access a highly focused, relaxed state of mind - called the Alpha State by many. We will learn how to activate and enhance awareness and to provide a foundation for information processing and better decision making.

A large part of this course is based on the advanced version of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence model and the VAK types (Visual Auditory and Kinesthetic styles)


4 days