Alignment of Purpose

Rapid transformation to organizational and leadership excellence.


In tough economic times, you have to do something different. Your leaders have to initiate change, in themselves and their teams. Change is only resisted and stressful when you do not feel in control.

You can't stop change.
You have to own it.

If you are struggling to get your Vision, Mission and Values to become exhibited as a part of everyone's daily activity, this is the program for you.

Through a combination of coaching based discovery and learning workshops with on the job guidance your managers and supervisors will transform their approach to getting buy-in and commitment to produce the results you want. Workplace conflict will disappear and managers will learn how to become leaders and enablers of their teams.

We will show you how to take positive straightforward steps to get all departments and all levels committed to moving in the same direction and supporting your Vision.

Alignment Of Purpose is a scalable process and can be run at Company, Division, Department or Team level. Program duration will depend on your objectives, the structure of your organisation and the number of people involved. Sessions can range from 1 to 3 days. Program duration will depend on the structure of your organisation and the number of people involved.

Step one: Leader is coached/guided to define interpretation of company vision/mission in terms of what his department will deliver to support the desired outcome. His statement must be defined in a specific manner.

Step two: Leader delivers statements to direct reports (team leaders) and they are coached/guided through definition of the deliverable from their team that will support the leader's statement.

Step three: Team leaders are supported through taking their teams through defining required change to enable them to deliver the outcome given in their team leader's statement.

Step four: Change action plans are returned to work and executed.

Team leaders utilise group coaching skills to ensure follow through on change. Leaders utilise learned coaching skills to support team leaders in how they follow through the process with their teams.

Key competencies addressed and learned in this program

  • Defining measurable outcome statements
  • Group Coaching
  • Clear communication of Goals & Objectives

Key learning outcomes

Your organisation will learn how:

  • to clarify/interpret vision, mission and goals.
  • to get your team to buy-in to change and start to create it themselves!
  • to eliminate negative blame throwing discussions.
  • managers can be powerful leaders and supportive enablers of their people.
  • managers can become anchors of stability to those below them.
  • to use their coaching skills to enable change.
  • to develop team coaching skills.
  • deep awareness of the needs of others.
  • how to get your teams to create new ideas, constantly!


3 days

Additional information specific to this program

  • Room: this program requires a large room for breakout groups plus group table workspace.
  • Equipment: 3m adhesive flipcharts, multi-coloured marker pens.
  • Preparation time: 1 day, including phone preparation, calls with leaders.