Results and Success Stories

Our clients’ breakthroughs and transformations.

We work in the field of human development and potential. Our focus is on client breakthroughs and transformations. We use coaching, coach-led training and open source technologies to go deep into an organization’s DNA and embed inspired solutions at all levels.

Producing Three Results

Two coaching cultures are important: Ours and Yours.
Our core competency is coaching. Coaching informs our approach.  Coaching in our DNA produces for you a partner who listens and asks the right questions. Coaching in our DNA means customized, solutions that result in sustainable, long-lasting growth and development for you.

Why create a coaching culture?

A coaching culture is a prerequisite for collaboration.
The basic tools and skills of coaching radically increase knowledge sharing, asking and listening; they build rapport and respect. Embedding a coaching culture at your core is a first step to developing better business models. A coaching culture allows organizations to shift  to collaboration with greater flexibility and speed.

How does TNM facilitate the creation of a coaching culture?
We are not a training organization. We are a coaching organization delivering training and transformation through our coaching expertise. Our unique approach and the success of our client companies is what sets TNM apart.

A coaching culture is foundational so you can move into new leadership paradigms and shift your organization’s DNA. How to establish a coaching culture  depends upon the size and existing culture of your organization. Ways TNM has approached this have included:

  • coaching the top 100 executives
  • creating an in-house corps of certified coaches
  • training all frontline leaders in core coaching competencies (including global rollout of programs for up to 8,000 participants)
  • making ourselves available for coaching at all levels of the organization, so coaching is normalized, sought-out and used on a regular basis

These and other initiatives work best in tandem and are custom-created to suit each client organization's communication style and cultural needs.

Is your business operating from a 20th or 21st century paradigm?
Organizations operating in a 20th century paradigm focus on process improvement, management, hierarchy, rewards for discipline and longevity, and routine. In a 21st century paradigm tech savvy, flex time, leaderless teams, decentralisation and bottom-up innovation fuel success. Are you ready for what's new and next - a new economy, new technologies, and a new generation - and can you move towards sustainability?

Many organizations are a bit of both with top-down, process-based, structured approaches in a rapidly changing environment where collaboration, flexibility and creativity drive success.  Retention or staffing challenges, low morale and frustration abound.  Productivity is at a fraction of what’s possible.  People are not consistently challenged in ways that light them up. 

A handful of enterprises model a new paradigm characterized by exponential increases in creativity and collaboration, breakthrough thinking and actions.

TNM operates from the belief that unparalleled potential can be tapped. Individuals and organizations are unleashed when focused on their core values and passions.  Extraordinary levels of commitment and positive results are produced.  That’s what we strive for -- to help you identify your strengths and challenges and uncover what’s next for your organization. We partner with you to incorporate new ways of being and working. 

Are you ready for what's new and next - a new economy, new technologies, and a new generation - and can you move towards sustainability? TNM Coaching can support your organization to become a 21st century enterprise – intensely collaborative, communicative, innovative, fast, focused and flexible.  

Looking for programs that tinker with where your organization is today? Neither are we!

  • You don't want a Change Management program; you want the ability to change the DNA of your business.
  • You want your organization to evolve into a new business model that's flexible and responsive.
  • You want to go from  “old school” to “next generation”, from command and control to mutual collaboration, and from apathy to initiative.
  • You want to invest in your organization and its impact. 

Maybe you want to goget from “Old School” to “next generation”New Generation, from Command and Control to Mass Collaboration, from Apathy to IInitiative.

Design a Way Forward
We're interested in helping you design a way toward evolution forward and we'll work with you every step of the way. The new Economy calls for sustainability and creating new ways to thrive in rapidly changing environments. The ability to evolve is a key feature for any organization if it is to be successful. , it means that the organisation can move forward, that it's self-sustaining, self-generating.

Shift the DNA
We use our expertise in coaching, coach-led training and open source technologies to go deep into your organization's DNA and embed inspired solutions at all levels. We co-create programs that alter automatic and routine behaviours and mindsets and offer solutions to business critical issues with immediate and long-lasting effect This approach goes beyond training and leads to a self-sustaining, organisational evolution.

We co-create solutions and programs that shift what's conventional normal and automatic in your organization; programs that shift your organizational DNA. We're willing to make ourselves redundant to do it.

As your partners in organizational evolution and transformation TNM supports you with the solutions that are right for you you to accomplish this DNA shift in ways that suit are right for your organization by, including:

  • rolling out powerful global programs,
  • 1shifting to a new leadership paradigm,
  • integrating coaching into existing leadership and communication initiatives,
  • transforming your organizational culture into a coaching culture,
  • supporting management with executive coaching,
  • building an internal coaching corps always at the ready,
  • creating a crowd-sourcing culture,
  • shifting to a decentralised attitude and environment.

As your partners in organizational evolution and transformation, we offer an array of complementary solutions, including the design and rollout of programs to the global frontline, individual coaching of top executives, and mediated follow-up for long-term effectiveness.  

How We'll do it Together
This approach goes beyond individual coaching and training courses to self-sustaining, organisational evolution. We co-create solutions to business critical issues with immediate and long-lasting effect. As a result, you’re investing in your organisation and its impact.

As your TNM partners in growth and leadership development TNM helps you with its clients to create the space for evolution, growth and development. Together we unleash potential, power, passion and lasting success.