Our Development Process

How TNM Coaching works to unlock leadership and talent potential in your organization

Step I – Clarity

Coaching, research and strategy

You are unique. Your company, culture, and challenges require strategies and solutions that suit your people, benefit your business and don’t break your budget. We understand one size does not fit all which is why we develop programs in collaboration with you. Using one of our core competencies, coaching, we ask powerful questions to help you identify and articulate your specific needs; we listen to help you uncover new ideas and innovative solutions; and we provide feedback and guidance on which coaching programs, training courses, and new technologies most effectively address those needs.

You need unique solutions and strategies that fit your distinct culture and challenges. From the very beginning, TNM’s coaching core has set us apart. We will not approach your needs as one-size-fits-all. Our coaches help you identify and articulate your needs . unique and innovative approaches to your specific needs. We use our coaching core competency to ask you the right questions and help you find the best way forward for your organization. We listen for your answers. We’ll help you gain clarity around what coaching programs, training courses and new media technologies you need right now.

Step II – Creation

Course design and program format

You have clarity on what you need but how do you achieve it? Should you use live or virtual training, self-directed digital learning, or some or all in combination?  We will partner with you to determine the best program formats and co-create coaching and training programs tailored to your organization’s needs and budget. From action-oriented simulations to AI-driven digital platforms to insight-based live training to engaging and enlightening podcasts, we are your full-service training and coaching firm.

You have clarity on what you need but how do you achieve it?. Once you’ve charted a course, Should you use live or  virtual training, self-directed digital learning or some combination?  We partner fully with you to determine the best program formats and to design training that will have the most impact design the best for  your coaching and learning experiences for your organization. Should you use live training, new media or a combination of both? We can help you answer the “how” these questions and tailor programs to fit your particular needs. From simulations to podcasts to interactive digital platform portals or insight-based live training programs, we are your full-service training and coaching firm. We co-create programs that fit your needs, culture and budget.

Step III – Courses

Delivering Face to Face, Virtual and Digital training

You need innovation, initiative and impact from your development budget. That’s what we deliver, through live and virtual training programs and through group and individual coaching. This is where we started and how we earned our reputation. TNM is a global network of the world’s finest coaches and trainers drawn from transformational consultancies, built on years of experience, and using cutting-edge technologies. The global TNM network features some of the world’s finest coaches and trainers and builds upon experience with cutting-edge technology and transformational consultancies. Our greatest strength is high-energy, interactive, participant-centered engagement. Once we’ve identified your unique  needs and direction, our programs produce results.deliver.

Step IV – Culture

Evaluation, assessment, follow-up

How do you know your training program works? We help you design meaningful assessments, tools and follow-up experiences that transform your inspired course participants into your next generation leaders. Go beyond measuring just the popularity of a course. Build a learning community with online tools and brand ambassadors. Turn good ideas into best practices. With our recommended evaluation, assessment, and follow-up, you create more than metrics - you create movement – movement toward more dynamic leadership, transparent communication, and greater flexibility in fast-paced, ever changing environments. You create a culture of innovation.

Go beyond measuring the popularity of training course leaders. Here’s where you turn inspiration into reality and make sure your training really works. Build community with online tools and brand ambassadors. Turn good ideas into common knowledge. Go from survive to thrive. Transform inspired course participants into Next Generation Leaders. Create a culture of innovation. You want to create a movement in your organization, whether it’s toward more dynamic leadership, flexibility in fast-paced, changing environments or transparent communication.  In any case, measuring popularity of course leaders is not the metric you need. We help clients design meaningful assessment and follow-up tools and experiences.