Win-Win Managing Change Solutions

Develop morale, commitment and creativity towards longer-term business development.


Change is a critical factor in developing successful businesses, yet for many, it causes fear and stress. This program provides solutions to translate change from something that concerns, to a creative, constructive and healthy activity that employees can embrace and indeed initiate. Developing morale, commitment and creativity towards longer-term business development.

Key competencies

  • Change management
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Impact and influence
  • Succession planning

Key learning outcomes

  • Participants will build their abilities to utilize change management as a positive and constructive mechanism to embrace employees in creative development opportunities to maximize business performance and motivation.
  • Driving 'win-win' as the energizing and engaging component, participants will be able to manage varied employees reactions to change to help them contribute fully to challenging scenarios.


2 days

Additional information

  • Participants will be provided with pre-course activities to identify change situations and their consequences in their businesses.
  • Following the program, there will be further opportunities to reinforce the learning experience, through practical activities to leverage change as a constructive tool.


An appropriate room suitable for up to 15 participants, flipcharts, pens, paper, projector. Informal breakout space for up to 5 groups, depending on participant numbers, would be of value. A post-course booklist will be provided for optional further reading.