Transforming relationships, group dynamics, one conversation at a time

Mastery in relating, communication and results.


This program is based on the view that in an increasingly complex world, sustainable change is increasingly depending on successful dialogue. It is based on the idea that relationships, groups, organizations are largely their conversations and hence if we want to change the relationship, group dynamics, organization culture, we can do so by changing our conversations with them and theirs with each other. A key program principle is that people act in contexts created by their interactions and those of others. Hence promoting helpful interactions, whether for one-on-one conversation, within teams and groups or one organization/country to another, can produce wide-scale changes quickly and sustainably.

Inspiring, engaging, useful conversations can play a significant role in supporting individuals, groups, teams, organizations to move quickly and simply toward a preferred future and new levels of impact, one step at a time. Group conversation based strategic collaboration methods such as The World Café, Open Space Technology and Solutions Focused (SF) group coaching, plus one on one SF coaching, can create profound change by amplifying useful progress already underway.

Key competencies

  • Creating inspired collective / shared visions.
  • Seeing, orientating to and stepping into potential.
  • Sourcing, harvesting, appreciating diverse empowering perspectives and cross-pollinating ideas and identifying common themes, connections.
  • Seeing beyond one's internal view and shifting to a strategic focus and contribution.
  • Creating and holding the space for creativity.
  • Connecting, co-creating and working together with relevant others.
  • Inspiring powerful conversation and mobilizing transformative action.
  • Powerful questioning, stretch thinking, exploring options, designing options.
  • Building connection with people.
  • Strategic influencing, coaching, feedback, challenge conversations.
  • The art of reflection.
  • The art of affirming, strengths building, celebration.

Key learning outcomes

  • Leadership = Vision, inspiration plus transformative action.
  • Power of orientating to potential and away from problem.
  • Strategic thinking and influencing (Internal and External focus).
  • How to have useful conversations focused on moving towards what is wanted / helpful.
  • How to transform relationships, group dynamics and culture.
  • Acknowledging strengths and affirming that what is already working builds confidence, trust and inspiration.
  • Step by step progression builds confidence, belief, movement and flow.


This is a modular program and is co-designed together with the client based on what is wanted.

  • The initial Visioning takes one to one and a half days
  • 2 x 2 day FTF trainings (month 1 and month 3)
  • Group process blended methods world cafes, OST, other (months 1, 3, 6, 12)
  • Virtual tele-classes (6 x 90 minutes months 1 to 4)
  • Virtual mentoring sessions (N= 4, months 5, 7, 9, 11)
  • Other modules by design (leadership challenge peer coaching sessions, building internal peer coaching capabilities)


Appropriate space needed for group process exercises. We can help source these spaces if there are none on site within the organization.