The Shape Shifter

“You can't change the fruit without changing the root.” Stephen R. Covey

In mythology, folklore and fantasy fiction, shape-shifting, or metamorphosis is the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. Almost every culture around the world has some type of shape-shifting myth. However this program does not look at the fictional definition but focuses on how we need to shift, adapt and adopt new ways of working within the real world. Leaders are required to be flexible with their style in response to different elements of work, tasks, circumstances, situations, people, personalities, societies, culture and so on.

Shape Shifters pay particular attention to cultivating, encouraging and supporting the individual's expansion of the concept of digital and global leadership, including their mindset, skillset, attitudes and actions.

Shape Shifter is a realisation-based program aimed at evoking transformation

Participants will be expected to meet our objects by the end of the programme, which are:

The release of limiting beliefs, doubt, resistance and contaminated thinking.

Shape Shifter is a highly interactive and challenging programme that requires participants to be:

BE ready to let go of old habits and other aspects of self that don’t serve

The success of participants learning as individuals and as a group relies heavily on their willingness to be fully present and to share their inner thoughts, realisations, experiences and ideas openly.

A strict confidentiality policy will be issued. Participants will be expected to read and sign a confidentiality contract prior to the program and facilitators will emphasise the importance of confidentiality throughout the process.

If participants fully engage with the process then the benefits can be hugely rewarding:

Increased awareness, clarity, confidence, creativity, adaptability and self application

NB: Certain people may not be ready for a program like Shape Shifter. These people are those who would prefer to ‘play it safe’, do a ‘traditional training course’, not want to face their insecurities or potential, they would prefer to stay in their comfort zone and would do anything to avoid any kind of transformation.

In this program we work with advanced coaching and facilitation methods to evolve participants minds and hearts whilst applying all insights gained on the program to create alignment and coherence in their roles as leaders.


6 days (3 days live training)
Learning on social networking platform