Personal Power and Effectiveness

Change the emotional level and create a desire to improve.


A course designed to shift employees at an emotional level, creating a desire to improve and be more creative on the job.

Although the words are still prominent in strategic plans, rarely is management successful at MOTIVATING and EMPOWERING their employees.

The reason: Motivation is an emotion, not an action. You can't “do it” to people. Employees have to motivate themselves.

In fact, the more a manager pushes their ideals on their employees, the greater the resistance and response, “You're not the boss of me.”

Instead of punishing employees, this course helps them to say, “I am the boss of me, and being creative and successful makes me feel good.”

Intended Audience

This course is designed for all employees, including front line employees. However, it is a good addition to leadership programs since managers need to know how to encourage their employees to feel powerful, and managers are employees as well. When everyone takes the course, it becomes a part of the organizational culture, one that can ride through storms with strength and cooperation.

Key competencies addressed and learned in this program

This workshop teaches techniques for taking personal responsibility in an entertaining and inspirational format. In particular, participants will learn how easy it is to:

  • Tap into their personal powers
  • Pinpoint and close energy holes
  • Rekindle their passions
  • Vision their best - and achieve it

Key learning outcomes

As a result, participants will leave with a personal action plan for blending their dreams with reality.


1 day

Additional information specific to this program

Participants will be provided with pre-course activities to appreciate the variety of communication activities in which they are regularly engaged.

Following the program, there will be additional activities that will embed the learning, with a variety of exercises that can be tailored to meet individual participant's needs.


An appropriate room suitable for up to 15 participants, flipcharts, pens, paper, projector. Informal breakout space for up to 5 groups, depending on participant numbers, would be of value. A post-course booklist will be provided for optional further reading.