Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Opening Ceremony | Online

Our Digital Chieftain program starts with an opening ceremony. This will take place online in a facilitated group process.

The Digital Chieftain program is more than a regular training, it’ll be a process of personal growth and organisational transformation. We are using ceremonies to open and close the course so that you are introduced to our understanding of leadership as a sacred practice.

You’ll be initiated into the Digital Chieftain way and will state your commitment to participate fully. This course is a right of passage enabling you to connect to and live out your deeper callings to your full leadership potential.

This is an opportunity to connect with your fellow participants by sharing your intentions for taking part in this training and by defining what kind of a leader you wish to become.

The ceremony will help you feel motivated, focused and empowered to take the necessary action to bring about your personal and organisational transformation.

Closing Ceremony | Online

At the end of this journey together we’ll regroup with a final closing ceremony. This is a time for reflection, celebration and acknowledgement. We’ll also share insights, questions and continued learning edges.

You’ll be guided through a meditation which will have you recognise the growth and transformation that has taken place. You’ll also be invited to share your key wins and to set your intention for your onward path as a Digital Chieftain.

We’ll take time to appreciate the support you’ve given each other and the bonds that have been developed. And we will also investigate how you can continue to operate as a leader with a sense of the sacred informing your work.

Opening Ceremony | Face to Face

Our face to face opening ceremony is a unique two day event. You and your team will be accommodated in a beautiful retreat location where you’ll be guided through a sacred process traditionally used for purification and initiation.

The opening ceremony is designed to:

  • connect you to your personal ‘why’
  • create the conditions to access deeper ways of committing and knowing that involve spirit
  • give you an experience of being initiated into the DC way
  • bond you with your group
  • instill a powerful commitment to your upcoming transformation

Initiations have been used throughout human history to facilitate a psychological breakthrough from one level of being into the next. We are using an ancient ritual in a modern, comfortable and stylish setting. You’ll have organic food, luxury accommodation and beautiful natural surroundings.

The Digital Chieftain program invites you to step up to a new way of leading that is holistic and collaborative. This opening ceremony will connect you to your deeper callings as a leader and will foster reflection on the sacred dimension of your role as initiator and guide to your organisation.

Closing Ceremony | Face to Face

The closing ceremony of the Digital Chieftain program is a unique two day retreat event. You’re invited to a beautiful retreat location where you’ll enjoy organic food, luxury accommodation and a chance to reflect objectively on your growth over the past few months.

You’ll spend time acknowledging each other’s changes and will receive feedback on your growth into a modern leader. You’ll be asked to share your intentions for your future as a Digital Chieftain.

The central element of this event is to experience a deeply relaxing, refreshing and energising cacao ceremony which will set you up for your next steps as a DC. Cacao is an ancient ritualistic medicine used to help you connect with your body and heart - the ceremony will facilitate your connection to the sacred dimension of your work as a leader.

Through this event we intend to bring to life your ongoing leadership journey as you connect to your deepest callings to continue bringing into the world the kind of balanced, collaborative and holistic leader you’ve grown into.