Open Source Leader

Innovating the future of leadership

Leadership innovation is the incremental process of first imagining and then inventing new, more effective ways of leading people and organizations in the 21st century.

One of the most profound shifts which is currently transforming the way we do business is the emergence of open, collaborative ways of working. Creativity, speed, freedom, mobility, social connectivity, authenticity and playfulness are highly valued; collaboration, innovation and radical changes to the way human effort is mobilized and organized, are the result.

The Open Source Leader program is an inspirational, multimedia, multisensory workshop that is designed to foster leadership innovation and equip leaders to meet this challenge. The intent is to inspire and empower leaders to invent/innovate the future of leadership within your organization and beyond, based on open source leadership values, values-based leadership competencies and the open source leadership model.

The program and teaching methodology are based on cutting-edge leadership theory. The learning is foundational to effective leadership at a time when the ability to innovate is emerging as the single most decisive factor in building a durable competitive advantage for organizations today.

Course Objectives

  • Create a new vision for leadership: by imagining/and intending a future that would foster the passion, creativity and enjoyment of all those who work in your organization.
  • Innovate the future of leadership: by gradually reinventing the workplace so that it brings this vision to life, including all aspects of leadership and the way people relate and work together.
  • Make it relevant to today: by linking leadership innovation to open source leadership values and leadership competencies and turning vision statements into meaningful actions that are doable in today's workplace.
  • Empower: by invoking a 'can-do' reality where the participants ARE the leaders that they want to see in the future.

Key competencies and skills

Modern learning methodology, new technologies (YouTube, etc.) and traditional classroom learning are combined to deliver foundational theory and experiential work that evokes potent leadership. Over 2 days, participants are activated and motivated to be new leaders for the new global economy. They understand how to lead and inspire individuals and teams in their organization and community and are equipped with the skills to do so. After this day participants will be confident, committed, energized, innovative, future oriented and ready to take themselves and their organization to a new leadership paradigm.

As a result of experiencing this event participants will:

  • Be equipped to lead in a new business paradigm (global business environment and emergent business models).
  • Understand Open Source World 3.0 (impact of new economy on technology, demographics, commerce)
  • Master Open Source Leadership 3.0 (key leadership competencies and skills; openness, peering, sharing, collaborating and acting globally).
  • Know how to lead the 'Net Generation'.
  • Understand how to create a 'wiki-workplace' (flexibility, adaptability, space, clarity, focus and flow).
  • Know how to lead and work in Integrated Teams.
  • Know how to build a High Impact Team (HIT).
  • Understand how to empower people (illicit discretionary effort, pinpoint and maximize people potential in the new work place).
  • Know how to inspire others (authentic leadership, unleashing people's creativity, innovation, out of box thinking, effectiveness, productivity).
  • Realize the challenge of leadership today (creating business results and advancing organizational goals by liberating the full potential of open source leadership).
  • Integrate a new leadership mindset in daily business life.

Key learning outcomes

Throughout the workshop participants are guided and empowered to make a shift from the boundaries, boxes and perceived limitations of closed leadership thinking, to the limitless creativity and collaborative innovation that characterizes open source leadership; engaging in dialogue, building on strengths, team partnering, community building and future-focused action.

This represents a paradigm shift and participants will be able to feel the transformation, as well as 'getting' it on an intellectual level.

Participants will be prepared:

  • To lead in new, more powerful ways.
  • To inspire people to think and work in new ways.
  • To create more slack in the day to carry out their real role as a leader.
  • To create an open business environment where people are encouraged to share and innovate.
  • To realize the full potential of collaboration for the organization and all stakeholders.
  • To embrace new leadership values and behaviours and recognize that implementing them is vital to the success of their organization.


3 days

Additional information

Optimum group size is 12 to 18. A training room suitable for 12 to 18 people (including trainer) with sufficient extra space for role-plays and exercises. Minimum of 2 flipcharts, writing materials, projector and monitor to show video role-plays. Informal break-out space for up to three groups is ideal.