Leading with the Heart

The only question is whether this path has a heart?

There are many training programs available which include leadership qualities of passion, charisma, discipline and vision. Few programs for leaders include anything about love. This is a major oversight since it is clear that leadership is a service to humanity and love is indispensable to service.

In the absence of love, leadership is futile.

To be a conscious leader one must have a love for all of humanity and commit to take full responsibility for the world we create. We are invited to serve the greatest good for humanity and life through care, understanding, respect and responsiveness.

  • How would leadership change if we were lead by the heart…how would the world change?
  • If love fuelled our decisions, what would we do differently?
  • How would career planning look from this perspective?

In this program we work with advanced facilitation methods to evolve participants hearts whilst applying all insights gained on the program to create alignment and coherence in their roles as leaders.


4 days (2+2 days live training)