Leading Distributed Teams

Lead Virtual teams with Success and Ease!


A virtual coaching programme designed to help us lead virtual teams more effectively.

We now lead teams and stakeholders globally. This demands new skills and approaches. This programme will help us get better.

Participants gain a practical, immediate and ongoing lift to their effectiveness and confidence in leading virtual teams.

Low time investment with high impact and high exposure to colleagues working on the same goals.

Coaching and peer learning complemented by a library of tools that can be immediately applied.


Mindset, skills, and techniques, which support the following areas of leading a distributed team:

  • Building a strong team spirit in a geographically separated teams
  • Establishing a Compelling Vision to align and engage each team member
  • Applying rigor in planning organization, and setting priorities
  • Managing people performance and establishing clear work contracts



Three virtual interactive workshops with in-between assignments for action-based learning providing immediate wins.

The workshops are highly interactive stimulating peer learning and with a focus on coaching by the facilitator.

Well structured and in-depth Participant Manual providing exercises, tools, assignments and spaces to capture reflections and insights.

Participants practice a variety of virtual tools in each workshop.


  • Develop a supportive peer network
  • Develop awareness of the need to provide leadership at an elevated level with distributed teams
  • Share real cases and practice assignments with their teams
  • Learn what works well and tailor best practices to different situations
  • Engage teams to focus on lifting teamwork and collaboration
  • Build a habit of deliberate practice and reflection in order to continue to improve over time

If you want your managers and leaders to build and extend their foundational skills in leading distributed teams, then this program is the one you're looking for.

Key Features

  • Virtual workshops to model and practice the very skills and approaches needed
  • Participant Journal with exercises, tools and progress tracking
  • On the job assignments to drive improvements within own teams and provide peer accountability
  • Appropriate for any level of management
  • Delivered by the TNM Coaching faculty

What People Say

“Managers who lead virtual teams need both a wider range of skills, more rigour in managing their approach, and a higher level of responsiveness to the needs of the team. This programme develops those capabilities.”
Peter Schibli

"Leading virtual teams, requires a different set of leadership skills. Coming from co-located teams benefitting most from a leader who acts as a facilitator, virtual teams need a manager who provides clearly defined direction and removes all ambiguity from the process. Some of the key leavers to global virtual team leading are, without doubt, communication and the ability to build up trust amongst team members. In a geographically distributed team, trust is measured almost exclusively in terms of reliability. We as leaders need to concentrate on creating a highly defined process where team members deliver what the organization expects from them, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and that we as leaders are held accountable. Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses".
Steffen Bjerregaard, Head of Group Procurement


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