Leading Distributed Teams

A virtual coaching programme with flip-based learning


  • A virtual coaching programme designed to help you lead virtual teams more effectively
  • Uses 'flipped-learning' with short videos and exercises before each workshop to master concepts
  • Each workshop is focused on practicing skills learned in the flipped learning and how to apply them on the job to gain real benefits and build mastery
  • Participants gain a practical, immediate, and ongoing lift to their effectiveness and confidence in leading virtual teams
  • Low time investment with high impact and high exposure to colleagues working on the same goals
  • Watch the introduction videos in the link below to get an immediate sense of the style of the programme


There are four big opportunities for leaders, teams, and organisations with distributed teams – BRIDGE, EMBRACE, SURPASS, TRANSFER. Each is a stepping stone to the next opportunity. Participants learn and apply ideas relevant to their situation across the four steps as shown below.



Program Flow

Each workshop contains the following learning elements:

  • Flip learning with short videos (4-6 per module at 4-6 minutes each)
  • Participant Manual providing exercises, tools, assignments, and spaces to capture reflections and insights
  • Virtual interactive workshops where participants focus on deepening understanding, developing ways to apply the ideas to their own situations, and reflect on what worked well
  • On-the-job assignments to apply ideas, gain learning, and lift performance
  • Reflection exercises so participants share insights and 'learn how to learn' during workshop debrief

The workshops are highly interactive, stimulating peer learning with a focus on coaching by the facilitator.


  • Develop a supportive peer network
  • Develop awareness of the need to provide leadership at an elevated level with distributed teams
  • Share real cases and practice assignments with their teams
  • Learn what works well and tailor best practices to different situations
  • Engage teams to focus on lifting teamwork and collaboration
  • Build a habit of deliberate practice and reflection to continue to improve over time

If you want your managers and leaders to build and extend their foundational skills in leading distributed teams, then this program is the one you're looking for.


  • Flip learning videos, the first set of which can be widely shared to help build interest and capability in others across the organization
  • Virtual workshops to model and practice the very skills and approaches needed to lead virtual teams
  • Participant Journal with exercises, tools, and progress tracking
  • On-the-job assignments to drive improvements within your teams and provide peer accountability
  • Appropriate for any level of management
  • Delivered by the TNM Coaching faculty


View and share the first set of flip learning videos here
For more information contact your local HR business partner or email energy@tnmcoaching.com