Interactive Presentation Techniques

Improving the quality of your presentation, impact and presence


This training covers the full presentation process from how to build a clear structure to tuning-in to your target audience and handling questions and difficult reactions. The program builds on increasing the individual's effectiveness by improving the quality of their presentation as well as increasing the level of acceptance of their key message. The training covers interactive presentation techniques for increased participation and creating higher impact. The main philosophy behind the program is that one does not have to have a natural talent to be an effective presenter. Each person with the desire to learn how to present can make a substantial improvement towards their personal objectives. The course is for key staff members in all functional areas of the company that find themselves regularly in situations in which they are presenting.

Key competencies and skills addressed and learned in this program

  • Personal improvement plan
  • Effective structures for presentations
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Verbal and non verbal behaviour
  • Using visual aids
  • Tuning-in to your audience
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Handling questions and difficult reactions
  • Interactive skills: instructing, conducting, evaluating

Key learning outcomes

The participants become conscious about their personal level of presentation techniques and the impact they have on their target audience. During the program, participants develop and train the necessary skills and techniques, which increase the impact and effectiveness of their presentations. Participants learn how to maximize their individual potential during each phase of the presentation process and how to increase the level of acceptance of their key message.


3 day program delivered in one week or as an alternative in 1 block of 2 days (including an evening program) with a follow up day after 2 weeks.

Additional information specific to this program

An effective group size for this program is 8 to maximum 10 participants. A training room suitable for 10 people (including trainer) and sufficient extra space for role plays and exercises. Minimum 2 flipcharts, paper, projector and monitor to show video role plays. Informal break out space for up to 3 groups.