Impact logoIMPACT is a 3 month experiential leadership development program, designed in partnership between CARE and TNM Coaching.

It is creating space for visionary leaders and courageous professionals eager to make strong commitment to delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to society.

It combines the very best of on-the-ground humanitarian experience with facilitated leadership development and executive coaching. This combination of expertise creates a dynamic and meaningful learning experience that is transformational for all those involved.

IMPACT recognizes everyone’s role in shaping a better future. It empowers individuals, organisations and communities facing some of the most challenging issues in the world.

We are inviting organisations to nominate visionary leaders and courageous professionals eager to make strong commitment to delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to society. We set ourselves the task of solving the challenges in a new way.

Benefits for participants

IMPACT inspires participants to make personal changes in perception and behaviors whilst providing them with a platform to grasp current reality and work towards a sustainable future.

The below competencies which are critical for successful current and future leadership, will be developed to the next level:

  • Innovation – the framework used during the program focuses on real people in need and providing innovative solutions, with a human centered approach that can be applied to any problem solving process
  • Strategic thinking - gaining an experience that allows them to identify patterns and connect the dots in seeking holistic and sustainable paths
  • Collaboration – working with other professionals on solving complex problems, and engaging others upon return to the workplace, this requires powerful communication and influencing skills
  • Authenticity – act in a real, genuine and sincere way that inspires trust and loyalty

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Benefits for organisations

The journey to developing globally responsible leaders imposes challenges most organizations have never experienced. These new challenges require organisations to rethink their team's learning strategy and find innovative ways in supporting leaders to think differently, ask bold questions, be comfortable not having all the answers and act in an authentic way.

IMPACT, LEADING WITH CARE is helping organisations to:

  • Understand the importance of building a learning environment for responsible leadership development and how to integrate them with organisational values, core business strengths and external demands
  • Gain insight into the changing nature of the business leadership environment and how ‘leading with care’ contributes to shaping a high-performance culture
  • Increase employee engagement with considering the new role leadership plays in connecting individual and organizational purpose, with finding innovative ways to integrate the interests of all stakeholders into all aspects of business operation
  • Enhance organizational cultural identity and positioning as employer of choice
  • Get platform for working with like-minded professionals, able to together push the urgent agenda forward


Program Outline

Uganda boys

Our next IMPACT is taking place in Uganda

Climate change and the refugee crisis are two current immense global challenges that are tightly woven together.

Extreme weather is forcing millions of people to move from their homes. In Uganda alone, 1.2 million refugees are living in largely populated camps. These camps face major daily challenges that affect living conditions for residents as well as contributing negatively to climate change.

Kavule is a community within a large refugee settlement in Uganda, and here, we have identified four major challenge areas: food supply, water supply, nature preservation and homes for the community.

Why not build settlements where people can have a decent life – growing their own food, having access to their own clean water, and building houses without disturbing nature?

We want to create the world’s first sustainable refugee camp – where refugees can go from passive to active citizens, and create an environment that gives more back to nature than it takes.

Created in partnership with CARE and TNM Coaching, the program is designed for professionals ready to have a transformational learning experience and help us build the world’s first sustainable refugee camp. Together, we can turn a minus into a plus. Even the small improvements in the current setting can create a more sustainable life for all.

Would your company be interested in supporting your participation? Click here to register to find out more.

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About Care

Care logoFounded in 1945, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility. We facilitate lasting change by: strengthening capacity for self-help; providing economic opportunity; delivering relief in emergencies; influencing policy decisions at all levels; and addressing discrimination in all its forms. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. CARE provides access to relevant projects, as well as all local logistics, facilities, and safety during in-country experience.

About TNM

Care logoTNM is a global, cutting edge coaching and training company specializing in Leadership, Coaching and Talent Development. We empower organizations to create growth of individuals in their team, get results, innovate and create business. We are known for developing and delivering coaching and training programs sourced from the new leadership paradigm. All of which are relevant and applicable to today's technology, economy and business world. We are profound, spiritual and aware. We are all thought leaders, creative geniuses and people are intrigued to listen to the knowledge and information have to share.