How to Lead and Collaborate Remotely During COVID-19

Learn the skills required to show up powerfully, and collaborate effectively with your colleagues and clients in today’s virtual workspaces.

During Coronavirus times we are all asked to set a virtual working routine. We all need to learn the new skills required to collaborate virtually and to show up and engage with our colleagues. TNM has ran thousands of virtual meetings and programs with many of the world’s leading organizations with consistently positive feedback. The know-how behind this is a simple set of the skills and competencies that are needed for collaboration and leadership in the virtual world.

In this short program Leading Distributed teams, TNM’s Senior coach David Papa shares mindset, skills and techniques which support the following areas of leading a distributed team:

  • Building a strong team spirit in a geographically separated teams
  • Establishing a compelling vision to align and engage each team member
  • Applying rigor in planning organization and setting priorities
  • Managing people performance and establishing clear work contracts
  • Developing a supportive peer network
  • Developing awareness of the need to provide leadership at an elevated level with distributed teams
  • Learning what works well and tailor best practices to different situations
  • Engaging teams to focus on lifting teamwork and collaboration
  • Building a habit of deliberate practice and reflection in order to continue to improving over time

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