Harnessing the New Rules of Marketing and PR

Manage the message, make your point.


This fast-paced, fun, interactive program engages top-talent at key points for consistent messaging to internal and external stakeholders. It's built on the notion that each local office, each team, every individual has conversations and relationships that can make or break relationships and brand image. Participants will use the New Rules of Marketing & PR (which have been transformed by new media, the Internet, social networking, etc.) to build goodwill with internal and external audiences (their teams, the office environment, the neighbouring community, other stakeholders). We'll draw on best practices from around the world and across industries to show how to make offices and actions engaging and valuable to both their communities and the bottom line. How can we each build win-win relationships and get our message across? How can we apply and model these best practices ourselves?

This lively course is led around a series of best practices, multimedia case studies followed by interactive activities in which participants apply the practices to their own situations. Participants will videotape one another delivering custom-crafted messages and leave with a message calendar and strategy.

Key competencies addressed and learned in this program

  • Identify core and niche audiences.
  • Developing consistent messages.
  • Staying on point.
  • Delivering effective presentations on camera and not.
  • Ways to build community relations and climate-set.
  • Managing upset (internal or external).
  • Using new media to your advantage no matter your level of leadership.

Key learning outcomes

  • New ideas about what PR is and its value done well - it's just good communication.
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and scheduling key messages (for your team, vendors, customers, other stakeholders).
  • Clearly articulating them and staying on point.
  • A customized message calendar for both internal and external purposes.
  • Strategies for building inclusion and goodwill with internal and external stakeholders.


2 days


Video cameras (cameras with video capability fine, even cell phones) and projection systems, printed manual/PowerPoint slides in small booklet or colour A4 printouts.