Get Focused

Increase effectiveness and efficiency at personal, team and organizational level.


Do you need to make difficult decisions and prioritize in a continuously changing environment?
This fast-paced, interactive, short program will provide you with tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency at personal, team and organizational level.


This practical program touches on 4 key areas that help managers and leaders to focus: Attention & Productivity, Prioritization, Decision Making and Time Management. Throughout the program which provides a digital, virtual and face-to-face learning space, participants will get numerous inputs and tools they can use, depending on their focus and needs. It is also an alignment opportunity amongst participants and teams, in order to share best practices and support each other in the implementation of their action plan.


  • Attention & Productivity
  • Prioritization
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management


You will get

  • New ideas and resources to increase your own focus, efficiency, and ease
  • New ideas and resources to lead your team so they’re more engaged, focused and productive
  • Frameworks and resources for better prioritization, managing distractions, and making decisions in a fast-paced environment


  • Appropriate for any level of management
  • 10 weeks integrated learning that begins with a recorded introduction, followed by a 1-day interactive workshop, digital resources and a virtual follow-up session
  • Integrated, action-based tools to apply and sustain learning on a daily basis
  • Delivered by the TNM Coaching faculty