Expand Team Coaching

A powerful program to help teams achieve outstanding results.

EXPAND is an Executive Team Coaching program is a powerful combination of fundamentals of coaching, practical and dynamic application of this knowledge and a certain adaptation to the client's environment. That means that client's scenarios and challenges to address are clearly defined as a result of a Needs Analysis in team work with the client.

EXPAND raises self-and team-awareness, by discovering areas of strengths and future development. It helps them handle challenges effectively, combining positive leadership and communication styles that make them excel to team performance and excellence.

Team members in EXPAND get clarity about the power of unlocking their own potential through coaching tools as well as applying coaching to meaningful conversations with other parties (in the team, business units, with other stakeholders within/outside their corporate matrix). They unleash the power of coaching in all areas of their performance.

The team also makes outstanding business results by aligning people's potential and business targets and needs. The business gets a positive impact. The team in the program EXPANDs their thinking about difficulties, change and conflict and they discover growth opportunities in every challenge.

Program Outline

Online Tasks, Approx. 1.5 hrs / participant
Online-training content and personal assessments

Full Team coaching Day on Site, fundamentals,
interactive team sessions, dynamic work

Full Team coaching Day on Site plus
Team work practice and online content review

Full Team coaching Day on Site,
additional Team Action Plan and Goal Setting

1.5 Webinar format, review of
Action Plan and Progress (4 weeks after F2F training)

Target Audience

EXPAND aims at helping new teams, mid & senior levels within the organization. It adapts to the seniority of the team and participants; after all the power of team coaching releases their potential at their own level.

Learning Objectives

  • Build personal and team awareness of development opportunities and their most powerful strengths and tools to help them handle change, growth, conflict and excellence in performance.
  • Know and use the whole range of coaching tools and set of skills as coaches (communication and leadership coaching toolkit).
  • Ability to quickly identify the opportunities in the company and the market that can unleash growth by using coaching skills with stakeholders and empowering others.
  • Coaching toolkits and hands-on experience and direct professional coaching support will enable participants to increase buy-in and reduce resistance in all groups (including diverse teams).
  • The long-term learning and practical applicability of the program will aim at sustainability and self-support in the group, alongside the provided support after the face-to-face sessions by their coach.

Key Benefits

As a result of the EXPAND program the client will be able to:

  • Increase high quality human relationships among team members and stakeholders.
  • Impact business results in a positive way.
  • Positive and proactive communication practices are in place. Skills such as: true listening, powerful questioning, expressing needs and looking for creative solutions are just part of the tools at the team's disposal.
  • Align the power and talent of their people with their business needs and targets.
  • Reduce the friction and difficulties that challenges and conflicts can create in business.
  • Empower team members to become the best leaders and coaches they can be.
  • Generate an inspiring and inclusive working environment in which personal talents and contribution are as important as the sum of team work based on solid coaching skills and true human environment.