Evolutionary Leadership

For extraordinary leadership


The world is ready for a new kind of leader, one who:

  • Has authentic confidence and congruence.
  • Lives passionately from the power that comes from being fully connected to themselves, others and Life.
  • Is able to create profound change with the ease and grace that comes when synchronicity is called into play; and
  • Accomplishes it all in collaborative leadership with others and has an amazing time doing it!

This leader lives with the integrity that comes from being true to themselves and the world around them. Through these leaders, our world will constantly evolve in spectacular ways, for the good of us all.

The Evolutionary Leadership program is designed specifically for senior leaders within organizations, to help organizations and individuals to access this leadership potential for personal, professional, organizational and global evolution.

Key competencies and skills addressed and learned in this programme

As a result of participating in this program participants will learn how to lead in different leadership paradigms:

  • The old leadership paradigm pushes, pulls, dominates and controls. It's hierarchical, orienting around competition and what's best for self and the singular organisation that leadership is a part of. Visions tend to be extensions of the past and limited in their scope.
  • The middle leadership paradigm endeavours to bring more caring and co-operation to the game, but generally ends up being too soft for the dynamic world of economics and politics. Visions tend to be for a better version of what is from the perspective of change management.
  • The new leadership paradigm brings vibrancy, vitality, vision, passion, potential and power to the fore. It inspires, co-creates, empowers and liberates a new kind of creational Life power to bring forth the very greatest evolutionary potential for the world. Visions are limitless and huge, bringing the powerful momentum of transformation, creation and evolution to the game.
  • Whatever your role now, you will be astounded by the magnificence of your leadership potential. The real move comes when you move beyond yourself and what you want to what wants to happen on the largest scale.

They will also focus on:

  • What it is to be a leader in the evolutionary paradigm.
  • Stepping into their most magnificent leadership potential.
  • An overview of holistic leading, breakthrough leading, vibrant authority and integrity.
  • Accessing innate wisdom, creativity, intuition and intelligence.
  • Powerful decision making from an evolutionary paradigm.
  • Profound communication skills
  • The art of excellence
  • Reality creation
  • Tapping in to individual passions and realising visions inside and outside working environments.
  • Working with teams on creating common visions which honour individual passions.
  • Evolving systems to support and serve in integrity.
  • Accessing hyper-speed with grace bringing multiple projects to completion easily and with magnificent results
  • Evolving leadership as they lead.

Key learning outcomes

As a result of participating on this course participants will be able to become a slightly better version of leader inside the old paradigm of leadership and power. Participants will completely reinvent themselves and their personal leadership inside a brand new evolutionary paradigm of leadership, power and vision.


12 day program

Additional information

An effective group size for this program is 15 to 20 participants. A training room suitable for 20 people (including trainer) and sufficient extra space for role-plays and exercises. Minimum 2 flipcharts, paper, projector and monitor to show video role-plays. Informal break out space for up to 3 groups.