Digital Chieftain

Grow millennials to build an extraordinary business and future.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius

Why become a Digital Chieftain?

The Digital Chieftain program will equip you to face the unique challenges of the modern working world. Our extraordinary times are calling for a new kind of leader who can confidently engage and lead their distributed tribes. Digital Chieftain will support you to become the leader of a thriving, self-managing, and self-sustaining organisation.


  • Lead your tribes confidently by embracing unity-engagement
  • Become an anti-fragile leader who thrives in uncertainty
  • Learn how to distribute power to engage your decentralised teams
  • Create tribes of self-determining and passionate employees
  • Embrace growth through the seven levels of the modern leader

What is the outcome?

Through our unique approach you will connect to your deeper callings as a leader. You will learn to ground your leadership in meaningful, holistic and collaborative practices that will transform your teams and organisation.

We think of leadership as a sacred practice. It’s an opportunity to be in service to something larger than yourself, to be a force for good, and to bring about balance and beauty through your work. Digital Chieftains lead from this place and the consequences are powerful, profitable and purpose driven organisations that are a joy to lead.

How does it work?

The program opens and closes with a group ceremony (either online or in person). You’ll also begin with an assessment of your current leadership capacity at each of our seven levels. This will inform your learning journey.

Training is then delivered digitally via our innovative training platform.

Digital Chieftain is about taking action in your workplace. At each of the seven levels of this unique program structure participants will be introduced to the key principles and practices of the modern leader. You’ll look at case studies where these capacities are already creating impact.

The Seven Levels

the seven levels

These levels are based on the last 30 years of social science research combined with ancient wisdom on what makes an effective and powerful human being.

For each level participants choose trials through which to practice this new competency. Once trials are completed participants come together in an online group session to share insights, reflect on growth, and to receive coaching.


  • Accessible online and app-based learning journey personal to individuals
  • Four videos per level
  • A variety of trials to choose from to embody learning
  • Opening and closing ceremony (online or face to face at our unique event)
  • Group coaching sessions at the closing of each level to foster engagement

What is included?

Key Features that Support Engagement

  • Personalised learning journey - choose your trials, pace and depth of learning
  • Focus on practicing the key competencies in your workplace and see immediate impact
  • Peer support and learning is integrated into the app and mobile interface
  • Group learning and accountability structured in at every level
  • Initial assessment to discover personalised key areas for growth and change
  • Unique seven levels leadership model is universally applicable and useful
  • Vast collection of resources for deeper learning and study