Commercial Negotiation Skills

This program focuses on the complete negotiation process while acting within a commercial setting.


This program focuses on the complete negotiation process while acting within a commercial setting. A commercial setting is determined by the cooperation between a supplier and customer with the objective to pursue a long term partnership. The negotiation phase is linked to the larger framework of the sales process and is viewed as a crucial moment during which the client can still fall of the wagon. The commercial manager is required to act with an umbrella view while entering competitive price and product/service negotiations. This program is targeting all commercial staff with direct customer contact and who find themselves regularly in the context of negotiations. E.g. sales managers, account managers and customer service employees.

Key competencies and skills

  • Commercial negotiation definition and setting
  • Communication process
  • Selling process
  • Basic negotiation skills
  • Advanced negotiation principles
  • Handling the power balance
  • Win win strategies
  • Structure of negotiations
  • Argumentation techniques
  • Conflict handling
  • Competitive negotiation skills

Key learning outcomes

The participants become conscious about the strategic impact of their negotiation approach in a commercial setting. During the program, participants develop and train the necessary negotiation skills and techniques which increase their long term effectiveness in working with customers and key accounts. Participants learn how to maximize their full potential during the negotiation phase while understanding the importance of the commercial partnership and focusing on long term objectives.


3 days (including one evening program) This program can be reduced to a 2 day basic negotiation skills course.

Additional information

An effective group size for this program is 8 to 12 participants. A training room suitable for 14 people (including trainer) and sufficient extra space for role plays and exercises. Minimum 2 flipcharts, paper, projector and monitor to show video role plays. Informal break out space for up to 3 groups.