Coaching for Engagement

An innovative and cost-effective course in coaching as a tool for engagement.

This program delivers basic coaching skills and principles, and features the GAINS coaching model, plus real-plays with cases that are specific and relevant to engagement in your company. As an outcome of taking part, participants are able to use coaching to communicate and collaborate, and to engage team members, colleagues and customers.

They also increase their confidence and ability as a coach and obtain powerful tools for dealing effectively with everyday challenges in business life.

How does the program work?

CFE happens on WebEx and Ning, and is a multi-media mix of theory, discussion and practice. A live WebEx class each week is followed by virtual learning on Ning where the journey continues at your own pace, at times that suit you. The five-week program is a combination of video, podcasts, reading, and facilitated discussion forums. New material is released at the end of each week and group members are encouraged to spend about five hours a week on assignments and contributing to forums. The program is designed to be an interactive process of co-creative, collaborative learning. When the course closes, group members can return to the platform and revisit materials as often as they like, as well as benefitting from the ongoing support of their peers.

Who is CFE aimed at?

CFE is for anybody who wants to communicate more effectively, and particularly suits confident and motivated self-learners who are comfortable on virtual platforms and who want to develop or improve their ability to engage others through coaching.

Learning any time, any place, any pace...

Ning provides a secure, social network platform that is dedicated to each individual training initiative…


Any time: a vibrant learning environment that's ready when you are, 24/7.
Any place: engaging multi-media content to explore wherever you are.
Any pace: dip in and out and get just what you need, or take more time. Skip skills already mastered and choose to explore newer concepts instead, all at your own pace.

As a result of taking this program participants are able to:

  • Create a vibrant space where people feel motivated and engaged
  • Define and manage expectations and incentives
  • Give and receive good feedback
  • Engage others to achieve vision and strategy
  • Appreciate people and perceive them as key contributors
  • Be more resourceful and productive, and enable others to do the same
  • Inspire others to use coaching skills and principles