Challenging Conversations Online

E-learning & simulation using the 'Serious Games' online module.


Learn at any time anywhere

Participants join a secure Serious Game Simulation platform dedicated to the Challenging conversations training initiative and conduct e-learning though video game simulation.

Learn Anytime

Participants decide when they want to take the courses. After they sign up, participants have access to a whole set of simulations anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Web Based Training is ready when they are.

Learn Anywhere

Program provides consistent content regardless of location.

Learn at your own pace

Participants can spend 20 minutes a day, or several hours. How much they learn is relative to how much time they want to spend. Participants can learn quickly or take their time. They can skip what they know, or don't need.

Learning Process

  • An online scenario forms these virtual role-plays (Serious Games), where the participant acts as the main character in an evolving (and adjustable) workplace environment.
  • The participant's actions provide an analysis and follow-up throughout the scenario. The analysis can be shown the form of a decision tree that reflects various options and consequences.
  • A comprehensive debriefing with results is given by the system to the participants at the end of the Serious Game.
  • The results may be comprised among several components of the Serious Game.
  • There are different levels within various scenarios; depending on choices made determines the course or direction the participant will follow.
  • Participants are actors in educational role-play scenarios (Serious Games).
  • Participants are invited to confirm abstract concepts by practical application.
  • The game offers a combination of education and motivation, is user-friendly, interactive and a pleasant learning environment.

The challenging conversations (corrective feedback interview) module includes the following features

Serious Games is used as a basis for learning where participants work in simulation to give corrective feedback. The game is about 20 minutes long and it also has some e-learning first.

This game includes the following elements:

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Staying focused
  • Motivation
  • Availability
  • Promoting awareness
  • Structure conversation

Learning Effectiveness

This can be a potent training format and our network is expert in the use of modern technology to facilitate e-learning sessions and create outstanding results.