Advanced Coach Training

The Living Soul

The Living Soul

Advanced Personal Development for Coaches
Coaching from and for the power of soul, wholeness and co-creation through the Alchemical Heart, the Embodied Spirit and the Wholistic Soul.

Our intention for the Power of Soul course is:

  • To discover deep and profound connectedness to the true power of soul, living and coaching from that connection to embody all that we can be;
  • To access and really live the magnificence, the co-creational ability, the magicality and the WOW FACTOR of an extraordinary life;
  • To create breakthroughs in our relationship to soul, from an individual and collective level, so that soulfuness has a new exuberance and power; and
  • To coach from and for the power of soul/whole to realise in ALL.

Modules include:

  • A Road Map to Wholeness . . . The Alchemical Heart, the Embodied Spirit, the Wholistic Soul
  • Connection to Soul from the Evolutionary Paradigm . . . Redefining Soul’ness
  • Essence as Power Source . . . The Brilliance of Our Innate Being
  • Universal Essence . . . The True and Total Power of You
  • Collective Soul’ness . . . Moving Beyond “Me” to the Power of “We”
  • The Evolution of Human Genius . . . Coaching Extraordinary Achievement and Super-Creativity

4 days Face to face training