Advanced Coach Training

The Living Mind

The Living Mind

Moving coaching from the mind to the living mind . . . from intellect to the brilliant, vibrant, living, connected intelligence.

Our intention for The Living Mind course is:

  • To move ‘mind’ from cloudiness, confusion, and misunderstanding to a vibrant, amazing, distinct, laser-focused and brilliant living mind capable of creating amazing breakthroughs;
  • To open up to a vaster intelligence, a living wholistic mind, that delivers wisdom, grace and understanding into life;
  • To create a definite movement from obscurity to clarity, shifting from a closed state of the brain and the mind to understanding that the mind is the portal to other dimensions and states of being; and
  • To move into the vast brilliance of the universal mind, discovering how to connect with it at will, build new neural pathways and create new ways of thinking and being.

Modules include:

  1. The Open Mind
  2. Accessing Passion and Vision
  3. Coaching Possibilities and Probabilities
  4. Coaching Clarity and Conscious Choice
  5. Coaching Balance and Flow
  6. Coaching Alignment through Essence
  7. Coaching Creation
  8. Coaching Abilities in the Living Mind
  9. Coaching Evolutionary Intelligence
  10. Coaching Levels of Potential
  11. Coaching the Evolution of Self
  12. Coaching Evolutionary Living

4 days Face to face training