Happy by Choice with Nasreen Kahn

A proactive way to level up your happiness and wellbeing

Your happiness is in your hands. You just need the science, insights and tools to make the right choices to get there.

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6 x 90-minute sessions

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About this class

Happy by Choice is a three-month learning journey that helps you to proactively make choices that lead to a happier and more productive way of being.

Through a mix of facilitator-led virtual group sessions, readings, and group and independent work, the program will equip you with research-based information and practical tools that are proven to raise your happiness levels for a more intentional, satisfying life.

Best of all, your facilitator Nasreen Khan will support you to develop an individual happiness plan. Our aim? To support you to become more self-aware and to practice the new life habits you choose.

Why should I attend?

If life feels less than brilliant, you can’t understand why you aren’t moving toward a happier life, and you want to tune into yourself to make better choices, this is the course for you.

You’ll be welcomed into a supportive environment where you’ll:

  • Explore happiness and well-being – what it is and what it isn’t
  • Discover your current level of happiness and life satisfaction
  • Become more aware of yourself and your personal choices
  • Learn and apply the science behind happiness
  • Demystify happiness so you can move forward faster
  • Explore how to use the mind-body connection
  • Learn more about managing your emotions
  • Discover the impact of language
  • Build better relationships
  • Develop a plan and practice a happier way of being


What will I learn?

In Happy by Choice, you’ll progress through six sessions that will enlighten you on how to achieve long-lasting happiness.

Session 1:
Introduction to the course: establishing the baseline and the basics

Session 2:
Understanding yourself: becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions

Session 3:
The science behind happiness and wellbeing

Session 4:
Exploring emotions and social structures

Session 5:
Exploring the mind-body connection

Session 6:
Putting it all together and mapping the way ahead

Your teacher

Nasreen Khan is an optimistic and empathetic human being. A skilled Coach and Facilitator, she brings simplicity, authenticity, and commitment to whatever she chooses to do. Nasreen is fascinated by human behavior and the human mind, and particularly by the concept of happiness. She has been running “Happiness and Positivity” Workshops for over a decade.

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