Beyond Leadership


40 | What is Transhumanism? A movement developed by Silicon Valley engineers, a new religion, a fiction, or an inevitability? Transhumanism refers to a belief that we can free humanity from its biological limitations. Advocates and adherents have faith that we have unlimited potential, that we can go beyond what it means to be human, and in fact solve all the world’s problems through the power of various technologies. Are we destined to become operating systems still with distinct identities chatting over a network; will we perhaps merge into one consciousness? Will we become some hybrid using electronics and prosthetics – half human, half machine; or will relinquish our power to machines themselves serving at their will when their intelligence surpasses our own? Join TNM Executive Coach, Trainer and Writer Ed Irons and Zoran Todorovic, MCC for this profound contemplation of the possibilities and pitfalls of Transhumanism.