Executive Coaching Series
Episode 06

Setting the Executive Coaching Agreement

24 | Marilyn O’Hearne MCC is Culturally Intelligent Executive, Leadership, Team and Mentor Coaching: Unlocking Potential, Prosperity and Peace, resulting in increased Quadruple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profits and Purpose, with a future orientation. Another challenge in executive coaching begins with setting a clear contract and agreement. A coach can get caught in the middle between the expectations of the executive coach, client and sponsor and there may be ethical implications if contracts and communication are not agreed to upfront. With examples from her professional experience, Marilyn offers two tips for setting agreements. The first addresses cultural differences related to how directly to communicate as well as how and when to begin coaching. The second tip explains how to tie the coaching agreement to vision and the big picture so each session has its own agreement and answers the question, “How does your vision inform your goal for this coaching session?”