Beyond Coaching

Quantum Coaching and the Infinite Intelligence

67 | Soleira Green is a quantum coach, future innovator and alchemical creator. In 2003, she authored 'The Alchemical Coach' book and has subsequently taught evolutionary coaching around the world. She's passionate about the quantum evolution of us all and how we can put grace, genius and infinite design into our new becoming. She's an expert in consciousness innovation, genius activation and infinite intelligence. Having written 10 books covering all these topics, she's excited about embodying and fulfilling the new possibilities that are emerging for our world. Listen here then join Solira for her Infinite Intelligence Webinar Nov. 15th to Dec.10th 2021
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More about Quantum Coaching ~ the ability to quantum leap you into new levels of themselves and new possibilities for their life and work
* Witnessing magnificence
* Accessing knowing / infinite intelligence
* Activating possibilities in the quantum field
* Sourcing spontaneous transformation
* Finding your role in the quantum evolution of us all