Beyond Coaching

Presence Embodied

29 | We numb ourselves to being fully present through negative thinking, substance abuse, and binging. We mask and deny our suffering, pain and anxiety and hide from being present to ourselves and for others. We stifle our growth and potential to the detriment of ourselves and humanity. Wake up, come out, and turn inward with compassion and acceptance! This profound podcast with Zoran Todorovic and Stephanie Canavesio ( explores a multitude of healing modalities, including compassionate inquiry and meditative practices that support you to connect to the present moment to restore you to your truest expression. Practice how to be in the moment, to feel life fully, to experience your full range of emotions with acceptance, and welcome all the parts of you. Realise the power of your attention - on your breath, your heart, your health, your being and others - to become presence embodied.