Master Your Emotions

76 | Rikke Østergaard is a Danish Sociologist, keynote speaker, advisor, and author. She specializes in the fields of leadership development, mind-training, and job satisfaction. Rikke is the first Corporate Sociologist in Denmark and differentiates herself by having unique perspectives and a 360-degree view on business and societal structures, social psychology, and neurosociology. She is also the author of the first Danish book on gratitude, which examines how gratefulness is an invaluable tool against stress-related diseases, to create healthy work environments, and to strengthen social relations.

Rikke’s unique and rebellious approach challenges the classic corporate way of thinking. She is not afraid to turn everything upside down to make room for new and creative ideas that can instantaneously propel people and projects forward to the next level. In conjunction with this approach, one of Rikke’s core competencies is to give the audiences or course participants grounded and tangible methods to easily kickstart a lasting transformation process themselves.

With her contagiously jovial demeanor and her professional profoundness, Rikke effortlessly builds bridges between herself and the audience or the person in her presence. Complex material and scientific facts are imparted in an easily understandable and functional manner.

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