Beyond Coaching

How to Think for Yourself

36 | The least evolved part of our brain begins giving us direction in times of crisis. Hardly a reliable guide when calm and rationality should reign! Returning to TNM Unplugged, Senior Coach & Trainer David Papa shares his thoughts with TNM Coaching's Zoran Todorovic, on how you can learn to think for yourself in times of crisis, avoid wide-spread panic and anxiety from the almost daily bombardment of external ideas, opinions, and influences and find direction by simply searching within yourself. Through a bit of brain chemistry and common sense, he suggests we must tap into our “survival circuits” and rewire the messages to our brain. Also listen to our inner voice, heed our intuition, and embrace what we feel inside of ourselves is the right thing to do in any given situation. Always engaging, always from a heart-centered place, David offers guidance on how to block out the noise and hope that the answers to some of life's most challenging questions are simply found within.