Bifurcation of Timelines and our Cosmic Origin by Ismael Perez

112 |  In this podcast, we explore the Bifurcation of Timelines and how this impacts our Ascension and how is this linked to Our Cosmic Origin

What is Bifurcation of Timelines? Bifurcation of timelines is the concept of two parallel timelines existing in the same universe, but with different events occurring in each timeline. This can be seen as we are experiencing alternate realities in order to explore the consequences of certain actions. It can also be used to explore the concept of time travel and its effects on the present.

Spiritual ascension is the process of spiritual growth and development in which an individual transcends their physical, mental, and emotional limitations to experience a higher level of spiritual consciousness. It is the expansion of awareness into higher realms of consciousness and the direct experience of the divine. It is a journey of discovery and transformation, an exploration of the self and an awakening to the truth of our being. It is a process of rising to a higher state of being, and of living life with an expanded consciousness.

Join us with Ismael Perez is Autor of Our Cosmic Origin a no 1 best seller on Amazon. His book covers Earth's place in the multiverse, our galactic history, and the organization of our cosmos.

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