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Unplugged is a state of high performance where you take control and improve your heart, your body, and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond expectations!

TNM Unplugged was born out of a 20-year crusade to transform leadership through coaching. Our program distills the knowledge of world-class coaches, professional facilitators, bestselling authors, distinguished researchers and scientists, meditation teachers and mentors, and innovators. Their collective wisdom and expertise, delivered through enlightening conversation, insightful dialogue, and practical role play, will help you take your leadership skills to the next level.

TNM Unplugged shares the perspectives of a thriving, global leadership community, plus more than 20 years of experience providing leadership training to global organizations.

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Coaching Essentials Series
Episode 02
Coaching Skills

16 | Questioning, relating and listening are at the core of good coaching. Listen as TNM Senior Coaches Ed Irons, Marcia Reynolds and Vivienne Ladommatou explain each competency and underscore their benefits and how they contribute to a successful and sustainable coaching relationship.


Coaching Essentials Series
Episode 01
Coaching Models

15 | In this podcast TNM Senior Coaches Marcia Reynolds, David Prior and Ed Irons describe and demonstrate two common coaching frameworks used in conversations, meetings and everyday leadership. 


Coaching the Person, Not the Problem
with Dr. Marcia Reynolds and Zoran Todorovic

14 | Noted author, speaker and teacher, Dr. Marcia Reynolds and Zoran Todorovic discuss how coaches can become change agents who actively recharge the human spirit, coach as “disruptor” and the brain science behind our resistance to change and the stories we tell ourselves to avoid what is uncomfortable. They discuss key aspects of reflective inquiry that help people see their stories objectively, lead them to discover how to change the narrative and by so doing, transform themselves. Ultimately, they remind us to be kind to ourselves and each other, life is a journey, there are no mistakes just learning moments, and through reflection we can find value in every experience to help us change and grow.


Beyond Leadership with David Papa and Zoran Todorovic
Lead and Decide with your Heart

13 | This podcast explores the concept of heart-centered leadership and decision-making. David and Zoran discuss how your deepest emotions can be your greatest source of strength and clarity when faced with challenging decisions; how emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and wisdom combine and align to bring about surprising results; and how to slow down, open up and trust the process. You will discover how to listen to your heart, heed your intuition, and take those leaps of faith that will benefit you, your organization and the world.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 12
Learn to Tell a Great Story

12 | Learning to tell a great story is a foundational skill for leaders –stories are memorable and motivating, and can engage people better than simply giving instructions or describing an idea. How do you learn to tell a good story? What kinds of stories should leaders tell? this short podcast provides tips and topics for your own strategic storytelling.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 11
How do we Think Customer?

11 | This podcast features a list of ways to include customer focus in your work, and examples of how other companies have done so. Customer focus or orientation means business is planned, operated, and measured in terms of the customer. It's easy to imagine sales and marketing teams being customer-focused. How do we embed a customer orientation all the way across the organization? What do other businesses do?


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 10
Black Hat Phillip

10 | In this podcast we hear how a leader taught us a valuable lesson about how to use a decision-making concept to manage his leadership team's personality and differences.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 09
Change is the new normal

9 | Being a successful leader means being aware of your own mindsets and how your values and beliefs can shape your behavior and ultimately impact others. In this podcast we introduce a framework and mindsets that help increase inclusion, drive innovation, and minimize the unintended impact of our own mental models and biases, providing a wider lens to look through as we make decisions.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 08
Say What There is to Say

8 | During a leadership course, a leader shared his concerns about raising difficult topics or having tough, important, conversations. This podcast demonstrates the positive impact, especially on collaboration, of courageous conversations through his story.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 07
Dealing With Dinosaurs

7 | Leading in a workplace with 4 or 5 generations has increasingly become a focus of concern, whether it's because we have a larger range of ages at work, more differences, or different rates of technological adoption. In this podcast we share with you a story from a leader in Turkey sharing their ideas about leading several generations.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 06
KPI and Objectives Working in a world that makes sense

6 | A recent publication by global consulting firm Deloitte states that "no single factor has more impact on employee engagement than 'clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely.'" In this recording, we share two stories pertaining to KPIs, Objectives and how to use the performance management system to create a working world that makes sense for us as leaders and our teams, too.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 05
Developing Business Acumen

5 | In this recording we share a situation in which a leader, like yourself, stretched and developed his business acumen. We also share business guru Ram Charan's 6 questions leaders at every level can ask to engage colleagues and peers on important strategic issues.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 04
Resilience & Psychological Safety

4 | In this podcast we discuss how to build psychological safety & resilience in our teams.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 03
Question Before Suggestion

3 | In this podcast we hear how a leader created the phrase 'Question Before Suggestion' to remind himself of an idea he wanted to remember from the workshop he was attending. It has to do with how to take a coaching approach and engage his team to take more initiative.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 02
Why Coaching is harder than it sounds

2 | In this story, a world-class sports coach provides perspective on one-way coaching in the workplace, and how it can be more difficult than sports coaching.


New Leadership Paradigm Series with Dr. Rebecca Self
Episode 01
Who Ate My Pie

1 | In this story, a unique experience with a client in Texas sheds light on work-life balance and integrating our work into whole, full lives. The recording includes a short exercise you can do, too, to gauge your overall satisfaction and ascertain where you may want to sped your time and energy differently.


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