The Path of Conscious Leadership

A three part program to help you discover the path of Conscious Leadership

To be a leader in these turbulent times it is tempting to just hunker down and try to survive – to fall back on tried and tested ways of getting through a tough situation. We don’t think too much about who we are being and how we are behaving, we just do our best – kind of like sleep walking.

But to inspire and lead others to create results whilst we move to meet this new and uncertain future requires us to be fully awake, to be conscious leaders.

This choice invites us to step onto a path of daily evolution – to get into right relationship with our purpose, all aspects of ourselves, as well as with those who journey with us.

Offered by Isabelle Courtney-Guy this programme is designed to support you in developing your conscious leadership. You will be coached through a series of practices and exercises including visualisations, writing, drawing, movement and speaking that will leave you feeling awake, energised, and ready for action!

Workshop 1: Locating the path: leadership dreams | 1 hour

  • Dreaming up your leadership vision
  • Exploring your own unique leadership landscape
  • Creating a leadership pact with yourself

Workshop 2: Power on the path: Charging up your energy as a leader | 1 hour

  • Discovering your hidden leadership strengths
  • Exploring and connecting to conscious leadership qualities
  • Getting into conversation with your shadow - discovering how it can serve you

Workshop 3: Building your path: Structures for Conscious Action | 1 hour

  • Radical responsibility practice for power in taking action
  • Conversations for action – the language of producing results
  • Leadership relationship health check – relationship network analysis

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