The Kind Leader: How kindness will be a strength in your leadership

Kindness is not weak or soft but the best way to build relationships and enable growth.

Join Senior Coach and Trainer Martin Haworth in an appreciation of why kind leaders are the best leaders. And even more so in our challenging new world of working.

Kindness is not weak or soft. It is focused on making the best of relationships with employees both face to face, as well as in our new working environments.

This one-time seminar focuses on how kindness builds relationships, like nothing else, through an increased sense of appreciation, empathy and encouragement, whilst enabling directness, discipline and honesty to develop and grow employees to become the best they can.

Focusing on fearless and constructive feedback that enables growth is a true win-win, generating performance, loyalty and the go-the-extra-mile attitudes that will be needed, as organizations make the most of new opportunities in an evolving future.