Team Coaching in A Virtual World

Lead, coach, and empower your team to succeed in this changing virtual world!

It's a new world. Everything seems to have changed in an instant surfacing uncertainty, confusion, and fear. How do you respond to these changes, thrive in this ambiguity, support your people, and sustain your business? How can you continue to lead, coach and empower your team – give them focus and structure while working remotely and to succeed in this changing virtual world?

Team Coaching in a Virtual World is a new fast-track program that will help you develop and enhance the coaching skills necessary to navigate this new landscape.

Discover how to reconcile social distancing with psychological proximity without losing your team spirit and effectiveness, strengthen camaraderie and collaboration, improve communication, and reinforce growth and development. Come discover these and other practical tools for virtual team coaching through a combination of simulated virtual team coaching and live team coaching practice.

This program is comprised of four 2-hour modules scheduled over 4 consecutive days beginning 20th April 2020.

Session 1: Creating a Vibrant Virtual Workplace
Session 2: Virtual Team Coaching Toolkit
Session 3: Powerful Collaboration in a Virtual World
Session 4: You as Virtual Team Coach

Each module will include the opportunity to both experience and practice team coaching in a virtual environment and will be led by two of our TNM Team Coaching Specialists Adrijana Strnad and Damian Fearns.

We recognize these are challenging times, however, it is important for us to support you to develop your coaching skills and practice, so for a limited time we are offering this course at a special rate of Euro 500.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.