Shift It! From Stress to Success

Strengthen your mental fitness

Imagine your daily stresses are like huge mountains you have to ascend, and your inner critic like heavy ankle weights making each step even more challenging. Learn to quiet your inner critic, to make the ascent much easier, and set yourself up for greater success now and in the future…with less anxiety and frustration.

That’s the power of strengthening your mental fitness.

Just like climbing a mountain is more physically taxing when you’re not physically fit, personal and professional challenges are more mentally stressful when you’re not
mentally fit.

Research with 500,000 participants shows that Positive Intelligence (determined by the strength of your positive mental muscles versus negative) to be the best predictor of how well you will perform relative to your potential and how happy you will be.

During the Mental-Fitness Boosting masterclass, led by TNM Senior Coach and Trainer Lisha Davidovits, you will:

  • Learn about positive mental muscles (Sage) versus negative (Saboteur) and their impact on you and your life
  • Shine the light on the root sources of your stress and tension (Saboteurs such as Controller, Stickler, Hyper-Vigilant, and Hyper-Rational)
  • Learn powerful ways to weaken your Saboteurs and strengthen your Sage
  • Discover how to overcome challenges in ways that lead to optimal performance, relationships, happiness, and peace of mind

This masterclass is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, based on Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence research and findings.

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