Mastering Stress through Transformational Breathwork

How to quickly turn stress into energy and clarity with breathwork

We are all moving in uncertain times, in which companies are being asked to change their working methods at a rapid pace. Many managers and employees are exposed to stress, fear, and excessive demands in these disruptive times.

What many do not know: There are very quick and easy ways to restore inner peace, new energy, more resilience, and clarity. The key to this is our breath. Transformational Leadership Coach and Trainer Dr. Till Noethel will reveal what corporates can learn from big wave surfers and naked buddhas in the snow to update their stress management.

In the 120-minute, interactive masterclass you will learn how to use the breath as a mindset tool to consciously control your feelings and thoughts and initiate actions that are guided by centeredness and clarity rather than fear and stress. Top athletes, high performers, Tibetan monks, and the Navy Seals successfully apply this millennium-old knowledge, which has now been proven in numerous scientific studies.

Benefits of breathwork for individuals and teams

  • reduces stress
  • increases the resilience
  • gives new energy
  • improves the quality of decisions
  • interrupts the thought loop of recurring negative thoughts
  • is like a ""reset-button” for the nervous system
  • increases the connection in the team/among the employees

Breathwork is for

  • managers and employees
  • presence and virtual teams
  • self-responsible people who actively want to manage their stress-level
  • HR-leaders looking for new, contemporary stress management programs

Note: We do not recommend people with epilepsy, asthma, or pregnant women to participate. If you are under medical treatment, please discuss participation with your attending doctor beforehand.

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