Introduction to The Human Leader Program

The Power of Connection

As our technologies advance at an ever-increasing pace it is vital that we develop the potential of the innately human powers that evolution has gifted us with…

Join TNM Senior Coach and Trainer Damian Fearns to learn how your brain creates your culture and vice versa in this introductory session to the Human Leader personal development and leadership program. The ‘human leader’ re-introduces leadership as a natural phenomenon and the human being as an ultra-social creature with the ability to transform ourselves, the people around us and the culture in which we live and work. We need to connect, create, read context well, make sense of complexity, predict & strategize, empathise, develop incredible imagination and agility, communicate with excellence and inspire others. This is the role of the Human Leader.

We can do all of these wonderful things because we have a unique set of innate powers, indeed all human endeavour; cities, shoelaces, art, culture, beard oil, moon landings, artificial intelligence, leg wax and spreadsheets are a product of our innate powers- yet it is a rare person that can list these powers when asked. Can you?

You will be able to list them after this taster session and you will also understand why it is so important that we actively develop the potential of all of these powers and how the Human Leader program achieves this.

This introductory session will include:

  • The Why, How and What of the Human Leader program
  • An overview of ‘The Powers’
  • A closer look at The Power of Connection

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