Introduction to Evolutionary Coaching

What you need now to become a coach today

Looking for the right coaching course? Join Senior Coach Zoran Todorovic for our free Introduction to Evolutionary Coaching program – 90 minutes of live, interactive discussion and exploration. Register today and learn from the comfort of your own home how you can become a coach. Discover whether our Foundation, Advanced, or Master coach training is right for you!

In this complimentary event you learn

  • What evolutionary coaching is
  • How it differs from other approaches and coaching methods
  • What the role of coaching is in today’s world
  • How you can work as a coach and the kinds of clients you might work with
  • A review of TNM Coach training courses

This workshop is led by experienced coaches who can answer all your questions and is fully virtual so you can take part wherever you are.

Session are offered on Monday and Thursday at 14:00 CET
27 | 30 July
17 | 27 August
07 | 17 September
05 | 15 October
09 | 19 November

Please Note: These are not traditional sit and listen webinars but fully interactive sessions with lots of discussion. We believe it is vital that you immerse and engage yourself in the ideas if you’re going to train as a coach.

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