Free One-on-One Coaching through Change Sessions during COVID-19

With love and care from the TNM community!

TNM Coaching is offering a limited number of free one-on-one coaching through change sessions for your employees.

What is Coaching Through Change?

The Change Curve is a powerful model used to understand the stages of personal transition and organizational change. It consists of the six stages most people go through as they adjust to change. Targeted coaching in this area helps individuals to get deeper awareness about the stage they currently find themselves in and their own reaction to change, empowering them to make personal transition successfully. In addition, it maximizes their opportunity to support others to adjust to change.

The easier people make this journey, the sooner your organization will benefit!

What happens during free 60 minutes session?

Individuals nominated for this opportunity receive a short questionnaire, to be filled before the coaching session. The purpose of this questionnaire is to support coach and coachee to quickly identify a topic that would add most value, and by the end of the session outline way forward (personal action plan).

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