Evolving Business

Evolve the DNA of Your Organization

Looking for programs that tinker with where your organization is today? Neither are we!

You don't want a Change Management program; you want the ability to change embedded in the DNA of your business.

You want your organization to evolve to a new business model that's flexible and responsive.
Maybe you want to get from Old School to Net Generation, Command and Control to Mass Collaboration, Apathy to Initiative.

Design a Way Forward

We're interested in helping you design a way forward and we'll work with you every step of the way. The New Economy calls for sustainability and creating new ways to thrive in rapidly changing environments. The ability to evolve is a key feature for any organization, it means that the organisation can move forward, that it's self-sustaining, self-generating.

Shift the DNA

Use coaching, coach-led training and open source technologies to go deep into your organization's DNA and embed inspired solutions at all levels. This approach goes beyond training and leads to self-sustaining, organisational evolution.

Co-create solutions that shift what's normal and automatic in your organization; programs that shift your organizational DNA. We're willing to make ourselves redundant to do it.

TNM supports you to accomplish this DNA shift in ways that are right for you, including:

  • rolling out powerful global programs,
  • shifting to a new leadership paradigm,
  • integrating coaching into existing leadership and communication initiatives,
  • transforming your organizational culture into a coaching culture,
  • supporting management with executive coaching,
  • building an internal coaching corps always at the ready,
  • creating a crowd sourcing culture,
  • shifting to a decentralised attidude and environment,
  • creating a new Net Gen culture,
  • leveraging New Media for your organization.

As partners in organizational evolution and transformation, we offer an array of complementary solutions, including the design and rollout of programs to the global frontline, individual coaching of top executives, and mediated follow-up for long-term effectiveness.  Several of our clients are now in the midst of highly successful, decade-long global transition processes, transforming who they are, what they do and how they do it.