Leadership Paradigms

Is your business operating from a 20th or 21rst century paradigm?

Organizations operating in the 20th century paradigms focus on process improvement, management, hierarchy, rewards for discipline and longevity, and routine.

Are you ready for what's new and next?

In 21st century paradigms tech savvy, flex time, leaderless teams, decentralisation and bottom-up innovation fuel success. It's a whole new game. How can you develop for sustainability in the new economy, with new media, with the Net generation?

We work with organizations along a continuum of three Paradigms of Leadership:


Many organizations find themselves in a mix of the first two boxes: with top-down, process-based, structured approaches in a rapidly changing environment where collaboration, flexibility and creativity drive success.  Retention or staffing challenges, low morale and frustration abound.  Productivity is at a fraction of what’s possible.  People are not consistently challenged in ways that light them up.

A handful of enterprises model a new, third paradigm characterized by exponential increases in creativity and collaboration, breakthrough thinking and endeavors.

TNM operates from: Unparalleled potential can be tapped. Individuals and organizations are unleashed when focused on  their core commitments and passions.  Extraordinary levels of commitment and results are produced.  That’s what we strive for -- to help you identify your strengths and challenges and uncover what’s next for your organization. We can work with you to incorporate new ways of being and working into your repertoire, moving you through this continuum.

Achieving the new model is moving into uncharted territory.  Paradigm shifts cause uncertainty.  They can be received with detachment and resistance.  20th century leaders are often the last to embrace what’s new. We'll work with you to help manage the transition.

What are your questions?

  • How do we replace our existing attitudes and culture with openness, trust and collaboration?
  • How do we use technology in a dynamic way as a 21st century global enterprise?
  • How long will the transformation take?
  • How do we handle challenges along the way?
  • Would a move to a bold new framework challenge our existing stature, standing and strengths?

TNM Coaching and Training issues this challenge:  Become a 21st century enterprise – intensely collaborative, communicative, innovative, fast, focused and flexible.  Go beyond your own vision.

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